round n brown girls in actions

Saturday, October 14, 2006

our round n brown girls

Latoya starts off the video shaking it for yall. Straight to the point...she knew what she was here to do...round n brown no bullshitting. Showing you and my boy Josh a good time.
Whats better than having a big booty round and brown chick chillin by the pool....having TWO big booty round and brown chicks chillin by the pool. Close to heaven. DAMN was this fun...these girls really knew how to show a guy a good time. Mainly cuz all they had to do was just sit there and look pretty. round n brown I was falling love with these 2 sets of booties I had b4 me.Im gonna go reminisce bout these booties...yall enjoy now.
This amazing cutie with a bootie just kept me awe struck.Just had to get that oil rubbing session on.From there my homie took care of that luscious ass. She took care of him first and her blowjob skills were at a Perfect 10!!! round n brown Just wait till u see the trailer! :P